People, Personal



I pass ivory tulips this morning
and think of Aunt Sally
“Let’s go out and shop for cream”
she’d say each fall and spring
She meant the color cream
oyster, mushroom, buff or biscuit
not stark or pure but antique
the perfect tone of white
for milky skin, honey-blonde hair
to complement the gold
that clipped her ears
encircled fingers
dangled from her arms

Understated, elegant
sophisticated cream
wrapped her in ecru sweaters
and khaki pants
beige blouses and oatmeal skirts
a camel coat and pumps of taupe
glamorized always
with pearl-pinned scarves
that haloed and framed her face
with the sheerest of champagne

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly

2 thoughts on “Cream”

  1. I love all of the different color words and nouns that imply color in this poem — champagne, pearl, camel coat, taupe, mushroom, ivory.


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