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Coon Zoo Lullaby

Coon Zoo Lullaby

Come men, if you dare
just jab a date
for a coon zoo tour
don’t be late.

We’ll see toad and tiger
in creature jail
and worms that are leaner
than slime of snail.

For additional fees
(don’t riot the price)
you can jut x-rays
— just be nice

when you query the gait
of the turtle hare.
Will you fill the pail
of his dinnerware?

Waste the lid of nips?
Ha, the day has fled.
Pin the cog of hex
and it’s off to bed.

Your sad looks — Why?
For they rang the bell.
You about to cry?
That’s the matin’s knell

and the painted orb
is the eve of moon
close your eyes, sweet babe
for the day is done.

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly


The challenge, from my writing group challenge poser, was to use the following 33 words to write a piece (prose or poetry) 350-words or less:

coon, tour, lid,  painted, price, query,  cog,  eve, jail, jab, why, be,  hex,  ha, x-rays,  dare,  zoo, looks, slime,  fees, men, waste, date, leaner, nips, will, pin, worms, riot, tiger, jut, gait, rang

“Coon Zoo Lullaby” is my nonsense attempt. (Maybe you’d like to give it a try.) I’m afraid the coon in the photo is looking a little freaked out that his name is connected with such a thing. Sorry little buddy!

This poem is submitted to Poetry Friday, which is hosted today at Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference.

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