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Changing of the Wardrobe

Changing of the Wardrobe

Goodbye my sturdy jeans that cling
like sweat in summer heat.
Auf Wiedersehen my turtlenecks
snow drifts of fuzzy sweaters
So long my wooly winding scarves
uniform of leather gloves
and fleece-lined walking boots
Farewell my pantyhose
I’m leaving for a tan
Au revoir you lush buffet
of purple velour and red boucle
black velvet and wine corduroy

Time to wear salads
of lettuce green and berry pink
crinkle cloth and gauzy linen
swaying and swishing silky skirts
break out the halters and bikinis
bring on those cutoffs and capris
backless sandals and flirty tees!

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly


Where I live it’s finally the time of year to mothball the sweaters and haul out the fun clothes. We’ve had an unusually cold June this year, but maybe now that it’s officially summer by the calendar, the weather will cooperate. (However, I won’t be hiding the cozy stuff too well, because chances are I’ll still need it more often than I’d like in the weeks ahead.)

The kelp-dressed mermaid was a stranger I sighted on the White Rock (B.C.) pier. Isn’t she cute! Now there’s one way to wear salad.

This post is submitted to Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Amy at The Poem Farm.

(This is a re-post; this poem was first published here in May 2011.)

9 thoughts on “Changing of the Wardrobe”

  1. I love your goodbyes, at last a fitting way to welcome summer. I thought perhaps you found the interesting photo, but it’s even more delightful that you took it yourself, Violet. As Jama says, the girl wears the salad well. Thank you!


  2. Love the poem, love the seaweed gown! I’m especially taken by all the wonderful sounds in your first stanza, and this: “Au revoir you lush buffet/of purple velour and red boucle” — smiles!!!


    1. Thank you, Renee! To be perfectly frank, I adore all those winter fabrics and colors. But I love them all the more when I can take them out after a several-month hiatus and discover them all over again.


  3. This one just cracked me right out in a smile! Thank you for all of the gorgeous fabric and color imagery here. I want to wear my salad!

    Au revoir you lush buffet – yes!

    You’ll be on my mind with the seasons’ wardrobe changes from here on out, Violet!



  4. Oh, Violet! So glad you re-ran this poem, because I didn’t have the pleasure of reading it when first posted. What a wonderful wardrobe of colors and textures! Renee took my favorite lines. And what a great photo – now that’s creative. (Slimy I imagine, but creative.)


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