Writing Life


Welcome to the blog at violetnesdoly.com, my home base for sharing my life as a reader and writer. Here I will post:

  • Book reviews.
  • Interesting things I’m discovering as I research the Bible times setting in preparation for writing more biblical fiction.
  • Developments and trends in the world of book publishing and marketing.
  • Reviews of and links to resources that help me as a writer of prose and poetry.

If these things interest you too, I hope you’ll check back, and join in the conversation!

2 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. I just found this blog — is this a new venture? I like the layout–very readable (easy on the eyes) and fun, especially the graphics. I’ve signed up to have it send to my email box and am looking forward to hearing more from you.


  2. Thanks, Tracy! I decided to make the blog connected to my website (this one) the place I blog about my writing life with its various concerns. We’ll see how it goes. I’m trying to update it twice a week. And I’m glad you like the design. I freshened it up about three weeks back, taking it from an old template to this new one (which I kind of fell in love with as I was browsing through the templates).


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