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Heat Wave

Here, on the west coast of Canada, we’re experiencing a heat wave. At 3:15 p.m. Monday (June 28) I took a photo of the thermometer in the shade at our front door. I read it at 43C which converts to 109.4F. That felt blistering hot for us! And because we don't have air conditioning everything… Continue reading Heat Wave



Happy Fall and welcome to September! The past few months of relative quietness here have been a period of thinking for me. I've asked myself, why do I do this--write, especially poetry? Why do I post it here? Do I want to keep doing this? This June before holidays I lived under a cloud of… Continue reading Denial

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What’s up, and a giveaway

Aside from the blog hop posts and the March almanac, I've taken a break from blogging this month. From February 14th till March 17th I was away at my daughter and son-in-law's home in northern BC. I was there to help with a new baby that joined their family on February 24th. What a happy… Continue reading What’s up, and a giveaway

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January Sunshine

Thanks to Keri at Keri Recommends and Dorraine Bennet at Dori Reads for adding wonderful rays of sunshine to my day and, over the last little while, nominating this blog for a SUNSHINE AWARD!  That's definitely the way to brighten up a foggy January! Here are the (flexible) rules: 1. Acknowledge the nominating bloggers 2.… Continue reading January Sunshine

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Blogging changes in 2013

"For many of us, the heart of our home base is our blog. It's where our best thinking lives, the place where others can comment and interact with us, the nexus of our social network," says Michael Hyatt in his book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World. He goes on to advise would-be bloggers,… Continue reading Blogging changes in 2013

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Liebster love

I've been nominated, ahem, this blog has been nominated for an award—the Liebster award. Though I have been blogging for years in different places, this blog has been running only a few weeks, so I am honoured to get this shout out! Tracy Lee Karner,  a virtual acquaintance from a different time and place, nominated… Continue reading Liebster love

Writing Life


Welcome to the blog at, my home base for sharing my life as a reader and writer. Here I will post: Book reviews. Interesting things I'm discovering as I research the Bible times setting in preparation for writing more biblical fiction. Developments and trends in the world of book publishing and marketing. Reviews of… Continue reading Welcome!