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Liebster love


I’ve been nominated, ahem, this blog has been nominated for an award—the Liebster award. Though I have been blogging for years in different places, this blog has been running only a few weeks, so I am honoured to get this shout out!

Tracy Lee Karner,  a virtual acquaintance from a different time and place, nominated me.  We reconnected a few months ago after being out of touch for years and our re-acquaintance was accompanied in me by a sense of  ‘rightness’—like the feeling you get when you meet an old friend from high school in your new town and find you still want to be friends.

To accept this Liebster I must do two things:  answer Tracy’s questions, and pass on the Liebster love to a few more blogs.

Tracy asked:

1.Which musical instrument do you wish you could expertly play?

My answer: Though I adore the dulcet tones of the flute and I find my feet tapping or sashaying to the fiddle, I’d love to play something to which I could sing along, but that also has deep roots in folk music. So I pick the MANDOLIN.

2. Who do you really admire?

My answer: Ravi Zacharias—a person with the brain power to slice and dice philosophies and theories, along with an incredible memory for poetry and story, all bound together by an unflinching loyalty to Jesus Christ and the gospel.

3. What (one thing, or as many as you want to name) do you always keep in your cupboard or fridge?

My answer: Yogurt (made by me using our own Yougourmet yogurt maker).

4. What (one thing, or as many as you want to name) do you wish you could afford to always keep in your cupboard or fridge?

My answer: Fresh nectarines—or any out-of-season fresh fruit.

5. Which song or snippet,  when you hear it, gets stuck on rewind in your head and what do you do to unstick it?

My answer: I’m terribly suggestible and so any song can get stuck in my head and many do. Mostly I enjoy the private concert. If I’m really needing to manually move the needle, I turn on other music or start humming another tune.

And now I get to pass on  the bloggy love.

My Liebster nominees are:

{{{{{Drum roll please}}}}

  • Happily Writing  (Ramona Heikel). Ramona is a freelance writer-friend who shares my love of murals and sends me photos of them to post on my mural blog! She certainly deserves a Liebster!
  • Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference  (Tabatha Yeatts).  Tabatha is a blogger I met through Poetry Friday. She always draws our attention to interesting, quirky, thought-provoking things, usually poetry or kid-lit-related. On top of blogging she has organized a couple of poem swaps which have inspired poets to do more than just leave comments on each others verses (as in send each other poems via snail mail—what a concept!)
  • Grains of Sand  (Lynda Schultz). Lynda blogs devotional and inspirational posts that appear regularly in my RSS feed.  She is always motivating and encouraging!
  • Storygal’s Blog  (Carolyn Wilker). Someone who calls herself Storygal is sure to have a story up her sleeve, even when she’s accepting an award.


To accept the award:
1. List five random facts about yourself
2. Pass the Liebster award on to other blogs (up to as many as five).
3. Proudly display the Liebster button on your blog!

If any of my nominees would rather not respond, that’s fine! They’re all worthy of the award in any case.

8 thoughts on “Liebster love”

    1. Great Matt – glad you’re game to play along!

      Thanks for words about the setup. I’ve had the site for years, then a few months ago decided to change the template and use the blog feature as my freelance writer blog (distinct from my poetry one).


  1. Hi Violet, and thanks again for the nomination! I am honored to be included in your list but even more, encouraged by the blogging community in general and inspired to pass along the ‘Liebster Love’.


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