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The B-I-B-L-eBook

The Bible on Kindle
The Bible on Kindle

In the article “Fifty Shades of the Good Book” Christianity Today writer Sarah Zylstra  reports that having the Bible available as an e-book has boosted Bible sales and reading. This is especially true in places where Bibles are hard to get or there is a stigma attached to going into a Christian bookstore, like Muslim countries:

“The fastest-growing areas for digital Bible reading are where access is restricted, said Troy Carl, national director of Faith Comes by Hearing. The ministry’s second-most popular audio Bible (after English) has become Arabic. On average, those in traditional Muslim countries listen three to four hours at a time—far more than the average three to four minutes of those in developed countries.” (Read all of “Fifty Shades of the Good Book”…)

Personally, though my main study Bible is a physical book, I use the Bible on my ipod quite often during my devotions when I want to check a string of references, in church to follow along with the pastor’s message, and anytime I want to look something up and my ipod is handy. It’s not to hide what I’m reading but because having the entire Bible in a gadget that’s compact and weighs a few ounces is just plain fabulous!

What about you? Has the Bible in ebook made a difference on how you read, study and listen to it?

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