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Tablet Life

Tablet life Tablet life is swipable expandable and squeezable pushable and snappable all at your fingertips Clickable and searchable tap and type and drawable a workout for your head and hands but not the best for hips. © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************** Do you own a tablet (or smartphone—that might be… Continue reading Tablet Life

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A little screed against progress

A little screed against progress New car plays no CDs camera has no download cord it’s all Bluetooth and Wi-fi and I’m feeling pushed toward a world controlled by passwords where music’s streamed, not owned photos float on virtual clouds and my attention’s honed: delete the fake-bill email ignore the mystery link report the phishing… Continue reading A little screed against progress

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Ink Jet Printer (NPM ’16-Day 17)

Ink Jet Printer Printer fires up, then silence thinks awhile, then putters… pushes out the paper in chugs and grunts and sputters. We would mutter too if we had his hard assignment: Make the picture colorful while staying in alignment. As he complains and stutters charges in his nozzle heads are giving chip instructions to… Continue reading Ink Jet Printer (NPM ’16-Day 17)

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I Read Nothing

I Read Nothing On my snazzy e-book reader I load volumes by the score fantasy and tomes of how-to poems, fiction and memoir books of travel and adventure wondrous places to explore! Have collected them for years now by the hundreds three or four. But what’s starting to amaze me despite all these books galore… Continue reading I Read Nothing

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Katniss’s Dilemma

Katniss's Dilemma Dentist's office? Therapy gym? Or Capitol creation that tears limb from limb? © 2013 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** In the land of Panem, it's not only the Hunger Games arena that is hazardous with booby traps! This is my response to Laura Purdie Salas's 15-words-or-less image/poem challenge ("Man or Machine?) … Continue reading Katniss’s Dilemma

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The B-I-B-L-eBook

In the article "Fifty Shades of the Good Book" Christianity Today writer Sarah Zylstra  reports that having the Bible available as an e-book has boosted Bible sales and reading. This is especially true in places where Bibles are hard to get or there is a stigma attached to going into a Christian bookstore, like Muslim… Continue reading The B-I-B-L-eBook