Summer Serenade

Summer Serenade

Summer’s orchestra plays
woodwind overture
of a bird-filled morning.

Viola hum of bees
quark of oboe ducks
blend with bowing violins
of an insect-busy refrain.

Trombone slide convertibles
show off the flashy third movement.

Clink of cutlery and crystal
are percussion
tremolo laughter
the piccolo trills
of a pitch-perfect finale.


© 2009 by Violet Nesdoly
First published in River of Words (a publication of MSA Poets Potpourri Society).

I am re-posting this poem from the summer of 2011. It’s my summer experience so far this June-July. (Hope you don’t mind second servings once in a while 🙂

Poetry Friday LogoIt’s linked at Poetry Friday, hosted today by Keri at Keri Recommends.

11 thoughts on “Summer Serenade”

  1. Love it, Violet. Encores are always good. I love those oboe ducks (they both do have similar tones!) More, more! I always loved the flowers in your photo and we called them bread and butter. Do you know their proper name?


  2. Thank you, Keri, Ruth, Tabatha and Linda!

    Linda, I think the flowers in my photo are called Butter and Eggs, or Toadflax. According to my wildflower book, they are a member of the snapdragon family.


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