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Poetry Friday – fiery edition

Welcome to Poetry Friday, hosted right here this week. In western Canada, we've had an extra early start to the forest fire season this year. Last week the entire town of Fort McMurray in north-east Albert had to evacuate (85,000+ people).  A fire that had started just few days earlier was whipped into a frenzy… Continue reading Poetry Friday – fiery edition

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Christmas Cake

Christmas Cake November or early December is the time to start on this year’s Christmas cake Pour several cups of sweet anticipation into a large bowl - the first snowfall when we hauled out the Christmas records - all the dolls in the Sear's catalogue - paint smells from the basement cut in a pound… Continue reading Christmas Cake

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October Fashion

October Fashion Morning wears crisp cotton and smoky tulle woven through with gold light. North Shore mountains are sensibly dressed in darkest denim, their tops hidden, cozy under unrolling bolts of blue- and grey-tinged fleece. The park has thrown on a shawl of embroidered leaves in tangerine, scarlet, yellow wine, olive. Even dwarf cedar has… Continue reading October Fashion


January, February

January, February It's January, all must change my resolutions cry it! I'll clean the cupboards, shine the glass completely change my diet. The constant list of things I need has changed from Christmas treats to organizers, storage boxes, and a set of sheets. It’s February, nothing's changed the bathroom scales decry it (that frozen stash… Continue reading January, February

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Guided When confluence in the heavens shone brighter than any illuminated text they high-fived, then headed to the mall for myrrh and frankincense stopped by the bank for gold. Whenever, on that dusty trek needles of sand attacked camels were crabby thighs chafed, tailbones ached eyes rose again to blue-white beam that drew them like… Continue reading Guided

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Ocean Neighbourhood

Ocean Neighbourhood Cuttlefish, Brittle Star, Bull Shark and Conch Blowfish and Electric Eels Grey Whales and Dogfish Sharks, Gastropods, Clams Jellyfish, Orcas and Seals Purple Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars and Squid Octopus, Tuna and Sponge Walrus and Angelfish, Right Whales and Blue Nurse Sharks and Makos that lunge Sea horses, Corals, Crustaceans and Krill Man-of-War,… Continue reading Ocean Neighbourhood


Summer Serenade

Summer Serenade Summer’s orchestra plays woodwind overture of a bird-filled morning. Viola hum of bees quark of oboe ducks blend with bowing violins of an insect-busy refrain. Trombone slide convertibles show off the flashy third movement. Clink of cutlery and crystal are percussion tremolo laughter the piccolo trills of a pitch-perfect finale. Encore! © 2009… Continue reading Summer Serenade

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Gods and Kings by Lynn Austin (review)

Biblical fiction is a genre that helps the Bible come alive for many readers. A nice thing about books in this genre is that they're virtually timeless. Over the years I've read and reviewed quite a few stories based on the lives of Bible characters. In the days ahead I'll be reprinting some of those… Continue reading Gods and Kings by Lynn Austin (review)