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Motto for a Front Hall

Autumn door hanger

Motto for a Front Hall

If you come cheerily,
Here shall be jest for you;
If you come wearily,
Here shall be rest for you.

If you come borrowing,
Gladly we’ll loan to you.
If you come sorrowing,
Love shall be shown to you.

Under our thatch, friend,
Place shall abide for you,
Touch but the latch, friend,
The door shall swing wide for you!

By Nancy Byrd Turner

(This poem is in the public domain)


If you came to my door, our little autumn scarecrow door hanger would greet you. Someday I’m going to have “Motto for a Front Hall” framed and hanging in our front entryway. Thank you to Jayne Jaudon Ferrer editor of Your Daily Poem for posting this welcoming poem on August 30th.

Poetry Friday LogoThis poem is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Doraine Bennett at Dori Reads.

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