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He is risen! He is risen indeed! This is how Christians around the world greet each other on the day we celebrate Jesus' resurrection from the dead, in western Christianity Easter Sunday. One last duo from Laurel and me, for this special day. I sent her the painting, she wrote the haiku. "Joy" - by… Continue reading Resurrection!

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A Lent Conversation – Week 3

The poem that Laurel sent me as an art prompt for Week 3 made me so happy. I love spring and one of its most compelling signs is the bird symphony and activity we hear and see on our daily walks on Nicomekl Trail, a footpath that follows the Nicomekl River. I love how Laurel… Continue reading A Lent Conversation – Week 3

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The climax of the Christmas season will soon be here. This year a book that has directed my Advent focus is Light Upon Light: A Literary Guide to Prayer for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany (compiled by Sarah Arthur). One of the readings for the first week of Advent (“Incarnation” by Amit Majmudar) especially captured my… Continue reading Incarnation

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Journey through Advent

Today I’m recommending my friend Laurel’s blog for your Advent reading. When her two children with Autism Spectrum Disorder could no longer tolerate the upheaval of Christmas, she knew she would have to find a different way than with decorations, visiting, lavish gifts and meals to celebrate. She tells her story on this video.… Continue reading Journey through Advent

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The song of birds

HOW BIRDS SING by Kay Ryan One is not taxed; one need not practice; one simply tips the throat back over the spine axis and asserts the chest. (Go HERE to read the rest. Scroll down a bit...) *************** Right around the end of last year, Mary Lee Hahn offered a Kay Ryan book giveaway… Continue reading The song of birds

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Motto for a Front Hall

Motto for a Front Hall If you come cheerily, Here shall be jest for you; If you come wearily, Here shall be rest for you. If you come borrowing, Gladly we’ll loan to you. If you come sorrowing, Love shall be shown to you. Under our thatch, friend, Place shall abide for you, Touch but… Continue reading Motto for a Front Hall