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Black Friday Blues

Burst pink balloon

Black Friday Blues

The one-day sale inflated my morning
with a blast of urgency.

Trying to figure out how to adapt
the thing I wanted to my home
my home to it
had me darting about all day
frantic as a balloon losing air.

Now I and the bag
with my return
are lying limp
deflated and defeated
waiting for tomorrow
glad this crazy day is done.

© 2013 by Violet Nesdoly (all rights reserved)

Yes, we do have Black Friday in Canada. It’s a relatively recent import—one I’d managed to stay uninvolved with (indifferent shopper that I am) until last year. But then my computer shop had something we’d been really, really ‘needing’ for a while. I bit.

O brother! What a wasted day (and we still don’t have that thing we really really need). This Black Friday I know better.

Poetry Friday LogoThis post is part of Poetry Friday, hosted today by Carol and Carol’s Corner.

8 thoughts on “Black Friday Blues”

  1. Love that you also ‘illustrated’ your poem, Violet. Sad that you weren’t successful. I never go out-too crazy & busy out there, but I guess if I did see an ad for something special, I would ‘bite’ too. Happy Holidays!


  2. All of the hype that tries to convince me that I WANT and NEED just turns me off. I like spending the day with all of the stuff I already own, making candy to give away, and donating bags and bags of our extras to those who have less.


  3. I have refused for years to give in to the hype. I had a delightful day of shopping with my daughter, trying not to give in to the sales and just enjoy being with her. Sorry your day was not as successful.


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