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Pandemic Lifestyle – a poem

When presented, by my writing group, with the challenge to write about my experience during the pandemic, my first thought was to do it in poem form (seeing as how it’s April and National Poetry Month). “Pandemic Lifestyle” is a snapshot of some of the things that have characterized the last months for me and… Continue reading Pandemic Lifestyle – a poem

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RISE – Spiritual Journey (first) Thursday

It’s the day for our Spiritual Journey (first) Thursday link-up. Today we focus on Leigh Anne’s one-little-word for 2017—RISE. What Could RISE mean in my day-to-day life, I asked myself as I considered what to write. I quickly realized RISE is a very versatile word with lots of meanings and ways I regularly encourage myself… Continue reading RISE – Spiritual Journey (first) Thursday

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Walk the Beach

Walk the Beach Set crickets flying from crabby grass and weeds shimmering on the sandy foreshore. Hop logs of driftwood forest clamber over algae-green rock tricky as black ice. Crunch broken shells jingle the shingle always at an angle. Spring-step spongy blackened sea grass squish onion bulbs of kelp. Take off shoes let soles read… Continue reading Walk the Beach

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Black Friday Blues

Black Friday Blues The one-day sale inflated my morning with a blast of urgency. Trying to figure out how to adapt the thing I wanted to my home my home to it had me darting about all day frantic as a balloon losing air. Now I and the bag with my return are lying limp… Continue reading Black Friday Blues