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When confluence in the heavens
shone brighter than any illuminated text
they high-fived, then headed
to the mall for myrrh and frankincense
stopped by the bank for gold.

Whenever, on that dusty trek
needles of sand attacked
camels were crabby
thighs chafed, tailbones ached
eyes rose again to blue-white beam
that drew them like a magnet.

In Jerusalem when no one knew
about an infant king
heaven’s eye winked seeming to say
“Carry on boys.
There is a reason you’ve come all this way.”

The single-file Bethlehem street
led to a crescent of modest bungalows
but even here
their confidence never wavered
for their star hovered
over one.

And so they double-parked
jumped off those dusty camels
rummaged through sandy saddle bags for gifts
knocked on that humble door
with trembling anticipation.
Despite the unkingliness
of the whole business
faith never faltered
for God’s spotlight
had guided every step.

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly


The Christmas story is full of miracles. This star is one of them. I hope, this holiday season, that you are being wowed by a few wonders and miracles as well.

Poetry Friday LogoThis poem is a re-post. It  was first published here in December 2011. Today it is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted by Buffy Silverman at Buffy’s Blog.

22 thoughts on “Guided”

  1. Love the mixture of old and new, especially the line: “headed
    to the mall for myrrh and frankincense
    stopped by the bank for gold.”


  2. Such a timeless tale that never ever goes old. Thanks for sharing your beautiful poetry, Violet. My husband was born on The feast of saints (supposedly the 6th of January), so I’m going to share this poem with him. 🙂


  3. Violet, you tell such a story in your unique way. Love its flair but also the taste of magic. Also love that you included the dialogue: ““Carry on boys.
    There is a reason you’ve come all this way.” So down to earth, as it was, and then the miracle. Thank you, and Merry, merry Christmas!


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