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Though I enjoy being swept away in a good biography and love the way poetry transports to realms of emotion, sometimes evokes a belly-laugh, and even the urge to toe-tap along,  my biggest pleasure as a reader is to get lost in great adult fiction.

Adult fiction is also my biggest challenge as a writer. In a way that makes it my most unfavourite writing genre. I find it hard. But when I have, at various times, decided to stop trying to write it, I’ve felt like a quitter. I’m sure that’s because since I relish living in the alternate universes others have created, hope springs eternal that maybe, if I work at it enough, I’ll be able to create a believable story world populated by fascinating characters of my own.

Writing Destiny’s Hands was what helped me realize this was important to me. The story lived inside me for a long time but I never thought I’d be able to get it out in a way that I, let alone others, would want to read. So when I wrote it, re-read what I’d written, and got caught up in the story—captured by my own words like the writing of other authors had captured me—I was shocked. You mean I might be able do this?

I know Destiny’s Hands is, by many standards, a novice effort. Can I do better? I’m trying. Come back on March 24th when I’ll talk about my current work in progress.

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9 thoughts on “My favorite genre”

    1. Thanks so much, Janis! The next project will be a while in coming out because writing DH gave me an increased appreciation for the importance of historical accuracy (i.e. I’m researching each question that comes to mind).


  1. Violet, I found your post refreshing. Many authors hide their struggles, but you’ve been very honest about yours. I enjoyed Destiny’s Hands and look forward to reading about your work in progress 🙂 Thanks for participating in the blog hop!


    1. Thanks Ruth, and for putting the blog hop together. For me it’s always a tug-of-war between writing what comes easily to me (fact-based, teaching-type articles–the kind I’ve had success with in the children’s market) and stretching myself to do what doesn’t come as easily but is very satisfying if pulled off. The temptation is to be content with writing more of what’s worked in the past and let that be enough. But my foray into fiction and the strong sense of divine assignment to grow in this genre keeps me reaching.


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