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Random act of poetry–on Aging

Did you know that practically every day of the year is a celebration of a cause, or society segment, or historical event, or something? Check out for lists of celebrations that range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Last Friday (October 1), for example, was International Day of Older Persons. Today (October 6) or… Continue reading Random act of poetry–on Aging

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A Lent Conversation – Week 4

I can hardly believe we're already into week four of our Lent project. This week I sent Laurel the prompt--a painting I did, inspired by a photo I took on a summer holiday trip we made to Salt Spring Island some years ago. I love her psalm-like prayer poem in response. My painting and the… Continue reading A Lent Conversation – Week 4

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When You Lose Someone You Love (review)

When You Lose Someone You Love by Joanne Fink My rating: 5 of 5 stars Author and artist Joanne Fink’s husband Andy died suddenly at only 53 years of age. After 29 years of marriage, Joanne was devastated by his death. A few weeks after he died she began journaling and drawing her thoughts. When… Continue reading When You Lose Someone You Love (review)

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Presence Blessing #BibleJournaling

Some of the things I’m putting in my journal Bible are pieces I’ve written in the past about Bible characters and events. One such is a poem I wrote in 2003—“Presence Blessing” sparked by 1 Chronicles 13:14. The backstory: David wanted to move the Ark of the Covenant from someone’s house to Jerusalem, the centre… Continue reading Presence Blessing #BibleJournaling


Poetry wants a day off (NPM ’16-Day 25)

Poetry wants a day off Spring wind is chill today. Words refuse to come out to play. There seems to be nothing left to say. It must be Monday. The clock keeps ticking—no delay The days creep on in their rigid array. I will send my muse a fresh bouquet for a better poem on… Continue reading Poetry wants a day off (NPM ’16-Day 25)



Happy Fall and welcome to September! The past few months of relative quietness here have been a period of thinking for me. I've asked myself, why do I do this--write, especially poetry? Why do I post it here? Do I want to keep doing this? This June before holidays I lived under a cloud of… Continue reading Denial

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January day (for #poetryatworkday)

January day ends in blizzard of white sheets what keep? what throw out? slips and papers piled in drifts shredder working overtime © 2015 by V. Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ********** Someone has dubbed today "Poetry-at-work Day." I'm good with that. In fact, every day is a good day to blend poetry with work in… Continue reading January day (for #poetryatworkday)

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My favorite genre

Though I enjoy being swept away in a good biography and love the way poetry transports to realms of emotion, sometimes evokes a belly-laugh, and even the urge to toe-tap along,  my biggest pleasure as a reader is to get lost in great adult fiction. Adult fiction is also my biggest challenge as a writer.… Continue reading My favorite genre

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View from my writing window (#poetryatwork)

View from my writing window Rectangles and lines of nonfiction diagonal, horizontal, vertical paragraphs of roof, window, drainpipe Venetian sentences just a little off with the siding (a bit of parallelism would even that out) Eave trough is a green algae poem (if my window opened on the near side I would revise it with… Continue reading View from my writing window (#poetryatwork)

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My (penciled) writing goals for 2014

Can you believe we're almost halfway through January! By now those wonderful New Year's Resolutions have been tested, perhaps broken (if you made any). And what about writing goals? I always start the year full of bubbly optimism. The year is new. It's a clean page. I can begin again. The possibilities are endless. Writing… Continue reading My (penciled) writing goals for 2014