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What’s up, and a giveaway

Aside from the blog hop posts and the March almanac, I’ve taken a break from blogging this month. From February 14th till March 17th I was away at my daughter and son-in-law’s home in northern BC. I was there to help with a new baby that joined their family on February 24th. What a happy event!

Then on March 2nd something not-so-happy happened. I mis-stepped on a couple of stairs and tumbled down to land on and fracture my right hip. Ouch! Fortunately I was near a hospital with good orthopaedic doctors and had surgery to repair the fracture on March 3rd.

Now I’m back home, hobbling about with a cane and trying to follow doctors’ orders about what I can and can’t do in my recovering state. Thankfully sitting is no problem and neither is typing.

Hip Kit
My new best friends: cane, picker, long-handled sponge, shoehorn, sock dresser, Kindle, & two-wheeled walker

While away I read several books. I’ll be posting reviews of some of them in the days ahead.

Loveology by John Mark ComerAlso, while away the generous people who provided me with a copy of Loveology to REVIEW sent another copy of the book to give away. If you’d like to win this excellent hardcover book, enter your wish and your name in the comments below. I’ll draw for the winner a week from today, April 1st. (Sorry, but due to the cost of mailing parcels internationally, I will only take entries from Canada & the U.S.)

One more thing. After three months I’ve decided to drop the monthly Freelance Writer Almanac posts. They are very time consuming to put together, I’m not convinced they are that useful, and I’ve decided to spend the time they take on other things.

9 thoughts on “What’s up, and a giveaway”

  1. Sorry to hear about the surgery. I’ve worked in an ortho office for 10 years now, so I understand how complicated (and frustratingly slow!) recovery can be. All the best!


  2. Dear Violet;
    I want to recommend another tool to add to your photo. I play my iTunes Library Music when I stretch or ride the stationary bike, and it helps me move, meditate and otherwise stretch the upper body while the hip heals. So far, I have fully flexible ankle, knee and hip
    replacements. Titanium girl balances with every step. Tends to the muscle strength too.
    Grace allows.
    Jeanne Poland


    1. Wow, Jeanne, you are bionic woman!! Thank you for the tip. I did make good use of my music library on my iPod during my hospital stay. I must bring it in to help me do my exercises. You’re an inspiration!!


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