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Magnolia haiku

Magnolia buds Cream magnolias in bloom Magnolia petals on the ground


Despite my accident earlier this spring, I’ve been getting out for a walk most days. Perhaps the fact that I go more slowly (cane and all) has heightened my enjoyment of spring this year. Many days what I see on my walk becomes the day’s poem (especially this April when I’ve been challenging myself to write one a day). These three haiku came about that way.

Poetry Friday LogoThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Tabatha Yeatts: The Opposite of Indifference. She has a double treat for us–the Poetry Friday collection as well as a Collection of Imaginary Poems, inspired by the Dictionary of Imaginary Places. Hie thee hence!

14 thoughts on “Magnolia haiku”

  1. Your metaphors here are masterful, “thumbs up, churned butter, silky gowns!” Walking in spring is inspirational and healing. Blessings to you.


  2. I enjoyed them all, and loved that you saw the early blooms as “thumbs up”, but also loved the food images, “churned butter” is truly that color, not yellow. Hope you are getting better each day, Violet.


  3. We’re only at the daffodil stage here. I can’t wait for the magnolias! Thanks for reminding me of their promise.


  4. **Swoon** I am in love with all three! The first is a grin, the second a taste, and the third…ooh lah lah!!!


  5. I’m glad you are able to go for such beautiful walks. We are in full bloom here and I wish I could make them stay! I will keep your third haiku in mind when it is over 🙂


  6. Such radiant beauties… and the magnolias are nice too. 😉 Seriously though, beautiful haiku, Violet! Can I feature you in the Haiku Garden on my blog later this year? Please let me know by emailing me at Michelle at MichelleHBarnes dot com. (That way I’ll have your email address and can follow up with you.) I hope you’ll say yes!


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