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A Lent Conversation – Week 2

This is the second instalment of a Lenten conversation between Laurel Archer, my poet friend, and me providing some art. This week I sent Laurel a painting as a prompt. She responded with a poem. The Hellebore plant was new to me when I moved to the coast (we didn’t have it in Saskatchewan, at… Continue reading A Lent Conversation – Week 2

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Spring’s Nuptials (NPM ’16-Day 18)

Spring’s Nuptials White cherry blossoms line and canopy the street decorated aisle Dance under blossoms air drifting with confetti distant cars honk horns Trees put on spring green over fading pink petals tired blooms in drifts © 2016  by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************ The topic of sakura (flowering cherry blossoms) on Wonderopolis, paired… Continue reading Spring’s Nuptials (NPM ’16-Day 18)

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Spring journal

Spring has sprung and every day something new pops!  My camera has been busy. I take photos on our morning walks and often write briefly about what I've seen later as a sort of nature diary. Today, three recent entries… Winter / Spring Winter's grudge farewell via two-faced Rain (under grey nourishes change) Spring's hallelujah… Continue reading Spring journal

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Magnolia haiku

************* Despite my accident earlier this spring, I've been getting out for a walk most days. Perhaps the fact that I go more slowly (cane and all) has heightened my enjoyment of spring this year. Many days what I see on my walk becomes the day's poem (especially this April when I've been challenging myself… Continue reading Magnolia haiku