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The sun dreams palely down

Sun dreams palely down - poem & photo by V. Nesdoly
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This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and I should probably be posting an overtly thankful poem. Let this be its substitute, for it sings the praises of some of the things for which I am most thankful: the ability to walk, beautiful places to walk, someone to walk with, fall colours, fall mists, the Creator who has designed the cycling of the seasons and this most gorgeous one.

Poetry Friday LogoThis poem is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Patricia Stohr-Hunt at The Miss Rumphius Effect.

16 thoughts on “The sun dreams palely down”

  1. Violet, this poem speaks of such a different type of fall than I am used to so thank you for that wonderful image. I love the play on words at the end. I share your thanks this fall weekend by thanking you for such a visual offering. Would you consider placing this poem and image in the Finding Fall Gallery that I will showcase near the close of this season?

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  2. I love the image of the sum dreaming “palely down.” The light is really like that now. The poem is lovely, and does offer thanks for blessings all around us. Happy Thanksgiving, Violet. Heal well!

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