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Poetry Swap Pocket

My last Summer 2017 Poetry Swap parcel arrived this week and I was quite bowled over by it. Linda Baie sure knows how to pack a lot of goodies into a little bubble mailer! She sent me—a pocket! How perfect for a habitual walker who is always grabbing for a tissue or a notebook or… Continue reading Poetry Swap Pocket

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Where I Stand

My summer poem project has given me a lot of joy… and it’s far from over. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m working on Summer Shorts, a project that combines my love of photography with my desire for poetry to be part of everyday life. Summer Shorts is writing a short poem a day, every day… Continue reading Where I Stand

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Just an ordinary walk

In the last few weeks my walking partner, dear hubby, has been finding it more and more painful to walk. Then the doctor told him, no more long walks until you’re better. So for now I am walking on my own. When I took solitary walks in the past I experienced a wonderful loosening of… Continue reading Just an ordinary walk

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ADMIRE (Out of Sight)

On March 2, 2014, two years ago yesterday, I broke my hip. I was away from home helping my daughter with her new baby at the time. I took a careless step on the stair, tripped, fell, and landed full force on the cement floor at just the right angle to do the damage. Two… Continue reading ADMIRE (Out of Sight)

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January sunrise

Walk in day's first light to a wild chorus of birds sky grows more intense surroundings come alive as we stroll under milkshake clouds © 2015 by V. Nesdoly (All rights reserved) ************** On clear days it's so encouraging to see the sky begin to light up as early as 7:15. Spring is on the… Continue reading January sunrise

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The sun dreams palely down

This is Thanksgiving Weekend in Canada and I should probably be posting an overtly thankful poem. Let this be its substitute, for it sings the praises of some of the things for which I am most thankful: the ability to walk, beautiful places to walk, someone to walk with, fall colours, fall mists, the Creator… Continue reading The sun dreams palely down

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Walk the Beach

Walk the Beach Set crickets flying from crabby grass and weeds shimmering on the sandy foreshore. Hop logs of driftwood forest clamber over algae-green rock tricky as black ice. Crunch broken shells jingle the shingle always at an angle. Spring-step spongy blackened sea grass squish onion bulbs of kelp. Take off shoes let soles read… Continue reading Walk the Beach

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Houston Trail – Langley BC

Houston Trail - Langley BC Peacock ferns, prehistoric, lush draw us into the dim, cedar-canopied wood. Uprooted trunks sprawl, branches arc, snapped limbs leap in frozen pirouettes. Slim apparitions forever grope, reach, grasp a menagerie of many-appendaged moon monsters sculpted from dripping filigree and moss macramé. Victim of the spell in Mother’s warning: “If you… Continue reading Houston Trail – Langley BC