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Deck the streets

Workmen putting up Christmas lights
Our city workers decorating the streets for Christmas. (© 2014 by V. Nesdoly)

Deck the streets

Deck the streets
with boughs of holly
Christmas trees
and Santas jolly

stars and wise men
in the night
guided to
the King of light.

© 2014 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved.



We caught sight of these city workers putting up Christmas lights on our walk this morning… and the above little ditty floated into my head.

Hope your town will be as pretty as our will soon be. Below is a collage of some of my town’s decorations from past years.

Past Christmases in our town. (© 2014 by V. Nesdoly)
Past Christmases in our town. (© 2014 by V. Nesdoly)


2 thoughts on “Deck the streets”

    1. “whirlwind of Christmas” – well put, Margaret! I too am trying to maintain a quiet centre through all the shopping, planning and preparation. It’s such a beautiful season, but I know how easily I can spoil it with my own stress.


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