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Fine Dining

I love the one-little-word SIMPLIFY, Linda Kulp‘s word that we are exploring this week. (I think I will chose it one of these years.)

I love a clean counter top in my kitchen, my desk cleaned off at the end of the day, Friday afternoons when all my house surfaces gleam after dusting.

I love the idea of an uncomplicated, straightforward life where little is enough (except for books—and I need to have another go at simplifying my closet).  I once had a poster picturing an old-fashioned wooden bucket with the words “Very little is needed to have a happy life.” I had it up so long it faded to monochrome.

I bought a framed print to take its place. In our old house it hung on the wall beside our kitchen table. In the house we live in now it’s on one of our stairway walls—still reminding me to keep it simple.

A couple of Bible verses that ground me in simplicity are:

“And what does the Lord require of You? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God” – Micah 6:8.


“And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content” – 1 Timothy 6:8.

That is the ideal. Sad to say, I don’t always live it. But I know I am happier when I don’t feel the hot breath of wanting more and having more on my neck.

My “Simple Life” print – Photo © 2016 by V. Nesdoly

Fine Dining

This is not about fashionably late
with candlelight shimmering in glasses of Pinot Gris
snowy napkins, pewter flatware
and stacks of food on square plates
over smudges of condiment reduction,

but about two Corelle bowls
heaped with spinach salad at five
green beans steaming in brown Corningware
mushroom chicken bubbling in a Pyrex casserole
a stainless steel pot of fragrant rice.
a tub of margarine, pocked as pumice
and three bottles: Balsamic, Raspberry, Ranch
all on wood trivets to protect the old tablecloth.

Now that it’s light
we watch people stroll babies and dogs
on the path below our townhouse window.
It’s not the view we would get
at Pelagos on the Beach

but the sum of it is certainly
dining at its finest.

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly


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11 thoughts on “Fine Dining”

  1. Thank you! First, I love, love, love your “My Simple Life” photograph! (Have your photos, including this one, been featured in calendars?…I definitely would want that calendar on my kitchen wall!) Next, the Micah verse is one of my favorites; yet, I never thought of it as a simplicity call; thank you for calling attention to those words that tell us what God “simply” asks of us. Living up to that verse makes for a very full life! Lastly, your beautiful “Fine Dining” poem reminds me of the Caldecott “Hello/Goodbye Window” and the joy there is in “simply” enjoying being connected with the everyday world passing by–and entering into/reaching into our welcoming lives. Wish you were my neighbor–literally! What a blessing you are for everyone who knows you. God bless you!


    1. Thank you, Bobbie! You are kind. I am looking forward to visiting your post and others this week. I gain so much from everyone’s posts… I have started keeping track of my learnings (both SJT and Poetry Friday) in my journal. The “Hello / Goodbye Window” — is that a picture or piece of writing? The photo in my post is a picture of a picture! It’s not my original still life–wish it were–but the print I bought and love. Hope it never fades!


      1. p.s. I love the idea of the notebook; I’ve made so many [irretrievable] mental notes, I really should follow your very practical lead!


  2. Violet, I agree with Bobbie that the photo is a wonderful composition. Your poem speaks strongly of simplicity that affords a wonderful slice of life without the extras. How often do I seek the extras to spice up my life when all I need is the quiet time and thoughtful conversation. The Timothy verse holds a strong message for me.


  3. Violet, the photo and your poem are lovely reminders that we don’t need things to always be “fancy” to be wonderful. I think you should send your poem to Your Daily Poem. It’s just the kind of poem they publish. I know a lot of people would enjoy your poem very much. Thank you for sharing it!


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