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The simple things of HOME (SJT)

HOME - what a huge topic. I love it! As I have wandered more into the world of art, subjects of home hold the greatest appeal. Ordinary things can become beautiful when one takes the time and attention to reproduce them on the page. When I look closely at the things in my home and… Continue reading The simple things of HOME (SJT)

Form poems, Kids

And we’re off with “Greener Grass”(National Poetry Month ’16 – Day 2)

Greener Grass The discontented colt longing for neighbor's luscious grass turns envy green. "Count blessings," Mother says. "We've clover daisies, dandelions and green grass!" © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *************** And we're off! The poem above is my poem for April 1st. I'm even posting it here and linking it to The… Continue reading And we’re off with “Greener Grass”(National Poetry Month ’16 – Day 2)

Personal, Spiritual Journey Thursday

Fine Dining

I love the one-little-word SIMPLIFY, Linda Kulp's word that we are exploring this week. (I think I will chose it one of these years.) I love a clean counter top in my kitchen, my desk cleaned off at the end of the day, Friday afternoons when all my house surfaces gleam after dusting. I love… Continue reading Fine Dining