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Fall Collection

This is another poem inspired by a walk and the autumn leaves, which are particularly spectacular this year.

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Fall Collection

I’m collecting fashion pixels
leaves so stunning, dyed and pressed.
With this season’s stylish outfits
Autumn’s golden runways dressed.

Slender sleeves of limey yellow
ric rac trim of flaming blush
bouffant skirt of lacy sun rays
scarlet gloves with seams of buff.

Stand of trees is wearing scarlet
there’s rain-polished burgundy
trunk shows off a brooch of coral
vivid shawls of tangerine.

Crinkled, dappled, smooth and spotted
late October’s costume ball
though some dither—can’t decide:
Come as summer, or as fall?

© 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

PF-2This post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Linda at her blog Teacher Dance.

18 thoughts on “Fall Collection”

    1. Hi Carol, Thank you! I will try to share it with you. I’ve posted the slideshow from within media which doesn’t provide me a url. But, I think I have found a way to upload to a different site and share with you that way. I will work on it and get back to you.



    1. Thanks so much, Brenda. This time it was the images that inspired the words (vs searching for photos to go along with words already composed) so a slide show seemed the best way to bring the two together in a clear way.


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  1. We are on the same search, for the words that describe this perfect season. Your idea of the varied looks taken on by the leaves is wonderful, Violet. Thanks for sharing all that beauty in the photos with your poem.

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  2. Autumn is the fashion show I wait all year for – this year arriving fashionably late in the desert. Love the line: “ric rac trim of flaming blush”. Your slide show and poem work perfectly together, Violet. Well done. =)


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