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In His Shop

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. Many years have passed since I was able to wish my dad a happy Father’s Day in person… he died in 1975. But he lives on in memory, which grows more haloed as time passes. He was a quiet, kind, hard-working man. Very creative too, always fixing things using the… Continue reading In His Shop

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Lucifer at Calvary

Lucifer at Calvary From the opening whistle in the garden it’s been an even match though He boastfully predicted I’d be left with a crushed head. I’ve played my hand well countered Abraham with Lot Isaac with Ishmael the Israelites with the Egyptians David with Absalom. My several setbacks? Blame them on bad luck. The… Continue reading Lucifer at Calvary

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Fall Collection

This is another poem inspired by a walk and the autumn leaves, which are particularly spectacular this year. Fall Collection I’m collecting fashion pixels leaves so stunning, dyed and pressed. With this season’s stylish outfits Autumn’s golden runways dressed. Slender sleeves of limey yellow ric rac trim of flaming blush bouffant skirt of lacy sun… Continue reading Fall Collection

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Storm Chasers (NPM ’16-Day 3)

Storm Chasers The sun shone from Mother’s eyes most days until the weariness of caring for many children sowed clouds into the furrows of her forehead and impatience brought easterlies, even squalls. “Can we go? Please!” Getting an answer from Dad was like moving a ship through the doldrums. We budged him to “We’ll see”… Continue reading Storm Chasers (NPM ’16-Day 3)

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Fall Semester

Fall Semester I plod toward the culmination of a summer of study and planning lugging a stone-boat of handouts, lessons and lectures. Responsibilities blinker me from distraction. Urged and directed by the reins of conscientiousness it’s Giddy-up and Go till November when, unbuckled from this harness I again get to frolic in the meadow of… Continue reading Fall Semester