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Searching Forgiveness

Photo © 2017 by V. Nesdoly

Searching Forgiveness

Forgiveness – what it is and what it isn’t
It is not enabling
It is not about forgetting

Forgiveness is uncommon but possible
miraculous, the answer
God’s intervention, Divine
the final form of love

Forgiveness is the flip side of gratitude
simply a one-sided transaction
a selfish act, an inhuman quality
a Six Gun lyric, overrated

Forgiveness is a choice, a healing choice
healthy like chicken soup: good for what ails you
balm for the soul
the first step, the path past anger
the way home

Forgiveness is an art form
an important struggle
up to you
letting go of grudges and bitterness
letting go of the hope that the past can be changed
the best revenge
a gift to yourself
the key to action and freedom
the secret to happy relationships
Forgiveness – is it right for you?

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

Prompt – Inspiration
I “found” this poem (written in April 2011) by googling “forgiveness is” then rearranging and compiling the results. I thought of doing this because, though we give a lot of lip service to forgiveness, it’s not usually considered a practical solution to being wronged (just watch the reaction of a victim or victim’s family when they’re facing the possibility that the perpetrator will not get his just desserts). I was actually surprised that forgiveness came off as well as it did.

I was reminded of this poem by the devotional reading we read last night. My husband and I end each dinnertime by reading some Bible or inspirational passage. This year we’re going through a devotional by Smith Wigglesworth.

Wigglesworth was a plumber from Great Britain (1859-1947) who had amazing insights and a powerful Christian ministry during his time. This snippet of the reading for April 4th had his thoughts on forgiveness:

“Look to the coming of the Lord. Be at peace; live in peace, forgive and learn how to forgive. Never bear malice; don’t hold any grudge against anybody. Forgive everybody. It does not matter whether they forgive you or not, you must forgive them. Live in forgiveness; live in repentance; live wholeheartedly. Set your house in order, for God’s Son is coming to take what is in the house.” – Smith Wigglesworth, Smith Wigglesworth Devotional, p. 161.


VintagePADThis April I’m celebrating National Poetry Month by posting some not-as-yet published poems from my files, along with what inspired them. If the prompt inspires you to write a poem of your own, you’re welcome to share it in comments. Whether you write or not, thanks so much for dropping by!



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