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News of the day

News of the day Where were the police at LAX? “I’m not resigning,” says Mayor Ford. Journalists killed by Senegal mob and our son-in-law has a brand new job. Leveraging was new to me. More healthcare government outages planned. Big trucks give auto sales record torque but the kids are moving way up north. The… Continue reading News of the day

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Birders carefully document unusual birders human populations have virtually gone extinct additional searches better document small populations lost race of endangered species— birders are our natural resource © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) (Found poem from National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America, “How to Be A Better Birder” - p.… Continue reading Birders

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Searching Forgiveness

Searching Forgiveness Forgiveness – what it is and what it isn’t It is not enabling It is not about forgetting Forgiveness is uncommon but possible miraculous, the answer God’s intervention, Divine the final form of love Forgiveness is the flip side of gratitude simply a one-sided transaction a selfish act, an inhuman quality a Six… Continue reading Searching Forgiveness

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ICSPOTS (NPM ’16-Day 28)

One of the most fun parts of this April has been following the projects of various Poetry Friday friends. Donna, at Mainely Write, for example, has been posting vanity license plates she has photographed, a day for each letter of the alphabet, and using one of the day's plates as a poem prompt. When Adele… Continue reading ICSPOTS (NPM ’16-Day 28)


The Great Civilizations (NPM ’16-Day 15)

The Great Civilizations New parts for old—magic materials eyes and ears do dance steps on the stage. Print spreads the word on horseback, the book finding the way, measuring the world, making music. Every room in the house—the bedroom, the bathroom dining out on teaching and learning, the world of work. In the kitchen preserving… Continue reading The Great Civilizations (NPM ’16-Day 15)

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Spine Wisdom (NPM ’16-Day 11)

Spine Wisdom Nature never stops talking in a conspiracy of light, earth against your cheek, and a round slice of moon. Here on the ground witness the weather of the heart in patches of Godlight and a tumbled stone. “Everyday greatness,” says the Noticer “is inscribed in the art of work, won in the battlefield… Continue reading Spine Wisdom (NPM ’16-Day 11)



I did it!!! I wrote one poem a day for the whole month of April. And this time it wasn't even hard. I think that's because I sat myself down at the beginning of the month and gave my lazy, self-indulgent side a lecture: - No excuses. Don't even think of whining or feeling sorry… Continue reading Success!

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Paul Simon reunion

Paul Simon reunion Duncan, my dear, take me to the Mardi Gras to the outrageous hurricane eye for the mother and child reunion. Just because I was not born under African skies not born in Puerto Rico doesn’t mean I don’t belong in that Kodachrome Graceland of peace like a river. Wartime prayers sung to… Continue reading Paul Simon reunion

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The (not so) secret message of Christmas

The (not so) secret message of Christmas Unto us a child is given. O come let us adore Him! Yea, Lord, we greet Thee Emmanuel; His name is called Emmanuel. Veiled in flesh the God-head see. O holy night! Light and life to all He brings. I wonder as I wander. © 2013 by Violet… Continue reading The (not so) secret message of Christmas


Spine poem sequence

i i waiting for the play to begin the impossible uprooting done here on the ground what's between us can't be heard weather of the heart enigma from the stone earth against your cheek polishing the petoskey stone. ii ii slow train passing weaving the wind open the door to another realm duet for wings… Continue reading Spine poem sequence