Where I Stand


My summer poem project has given me a lot of joy… and it’s far from over. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m working on Summer Shorts, a project that combines my love of photography with my desire for poetry to be part of everyday life. Summer Shorts is writing a short poem a day, every day of summer (June 21 to September 21) based on the photo I take from the Capture Your 365 photo challenge.

I actually don’t write every day, but do take a photo every day. On days when I have extra time, I catch up, though often I find these poems practically write themselves during my walk, as words and lines come to me. I always carry a notebook, so I perch myself on a railing or park bench and capture those flighty thoughts mid-walk. Because I’ve promised myself these poems will be short, it’s not intimidating. Who can’t write 3 to 6 lines a day?

Most of the photo challenges are different each day. But a few keep recurring every month. One such is “Where I Stand.” Here’s my “Where I Stand” photo and poem for July 21st. (It happens to be the longest poem in the collection so far… a few over my required 6 lines.)


#CY365 photo for July 21, 2017 –  “Where I Stand” (Photo © 2017 by V. Nesdoly)

Where I Stand

pat a dog,
photo the fog

pick a bloom,
pixel a room

chat with a friend
ponder the bend

follow my nose
to smell a rose

stop for a hare
hopping who knows where

admire the herd
find the lyric bird

be lured to tarry
and munch on a berry

my motto for a summer walk:
“Always be prepared to stop!”

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

poetryfridayThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by our very talented troubadour Donna at Mainely Write.


26 thoughts on “Where I Stand

    • Thanks, Tanita! Love your phrase “leavened with lingering” (That needs to find its way into a poem somewhere!) Also, I just came from your poem “Statues in the Park: Bliss” – Wow! It’s fabulous. So many wonderful lines, but the whole thing moved me to recklessness! (I would have commented on your blog, but I couldn’t figure out how to log in. Sorry!)



  1. Nice rhythm & rhyme you got going on there. And, I like the photo. When I was in Seattle this summer I couldn’t stop taking photos. I’m not a photographer. But, as I write more and more I see story in everything….and know that images I grab from the day will become bits and pieces of story later. I love that you are writing a poem for each day of the summer. Awesome!


    • Thanks, Linda. I’ve been in places where I couldn’t stop taking photos. I think it’s a kind of locational fever. Later, when I get home and import them all into my photo program, I wonder, what possessed me to take all these? But then, there is often among them that one or two perfect one that you wouldn’t have if you hadn’t taken the many. And they are wonderful writing prompts.



  2. What a fabulous summer project! I’m fascinated with the idea of taking a photo each day and writing a poem to accompany it. I love taking pictures and find it forces me to slow myself down and to be more mindful. I admire your daily poetry writing practice–You’re inspiring me to consider how I might do something similar. Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks, Mbhmaine! When I look at summer, stretching on till September 21st, I ask myself, what on earth am I thinking? But, then day by day, it’s quite doable. I find that for projects like this, it must somehow fit within the rhythms of my every day or it will get dropped.



  3. Of course, I like your motto for your walk, Violet. You are being a very prolific writer and photographer this summer so make sure you send me some of your digipoetry magic for my summer gallery, Sunkissed Summer.


  4. This poem’s rhythm is that of a walk, stepping into the rhyme of each line. This is a great project. I love that you combine photography and poetry and writing short. Something I could probably handle.


  5. I’ve been seeing Ruth (from Haiti) on FB do the photo 365 challenge, and it’s wonderful that you’re adding a short poem each day. I need to remember this for inspiration, and Tanita’s “leavened with lingering”. I do love the walking rhythm of your poem, Violet, and that final motto. Happy walking and writing!


    • Thanks, Linda. It was actually Ruth’s mention of those photo prompts on her blog that introduced me to them. I haven’t connected with her on FB, so haven’t seen her daily photos (which would be interesting). I started posting mine daily on a photo blog that I run, but soon stopped. I found the daily posting was a burden. This private / writing use of them suits me better.



  6. I like to picture you perched on a stone wall, writing in your notebook with a secret smile and a gleaming eye as the robin watches with one eye. I hope all this daily writing becomes part of your life, rather than a challenge that is over after a year.


  7. What an inspiring discipline…keeping it light for summer- I might try something like that…if not using words, maybe a paint brush or pen. Love the way you challenge yourself sis!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Bea! My self-challenge has actually gone better than I thought it would. It’s all a matter of finding space in one’s day, I think. (A paint brush or pen discipline would wear very well on you, I think!)


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