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Poetry Swap Pocket

Summer+Poetry+Swap-1My last Summer 2017 Poetry Swap parcel arrived this week and I was quite bowled over by it. Linda Baie sure knows how to pack a lot of goodies into a little bubble mailer!

She sent me—a pocket! How perfect for a habitual walker who is always grabbing for a tissue or a notebook or a camera out of her pocket!

This pocket was packed with: a personal note, a notebook, a Pilot pen (even the brand name seems perfect), mints, a (real cloth embroidered) hankie, a couple of pine cones along with a legend about them (perfect to entertain my grands!), a piece of petrified wood, a poem bookmark, and the most darling little black feather you ever saw!

Pocket treasures from Linda B. – Summer 2017 Poetry Swap (Photo by V. Nesdoly)

And this poem… (Linda, you are amazing! – Thank you!!)


Linda, you’ve tied it up perfectly with those last five lines: “doing art … gathering bouquets of images … a crystal vase of ideas.” I’m totally inspired!

poetryfridayThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by poet and photographer Jone at Check It Out.

There, Jone challenges us to an Acrostic. Well, I just happen to have one in my Summer Shorts (poem-a-day photo-challenge project). It’s all about the PRODUCE (the August 3rd #CY365 prompt)

Photo for “Produce – #CY365 for August 3, 2017 (© 2017 by V. Nesdoly)


Parsnip, turnip, bok choy
Rutabaga, beet
Orange carrots in a row
Daikon long and white
Under produce mirror-bin
Cabbage doubles round and green–those
Egos swell as veggies preen

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

31 thoughts on “Poetry Swap Pocket”

  1. Oh my goodness, could there be a better set of treasures or vehicle for them to arrive in?
    That Linda is something else. I love “I’m set to thread among the trees” and “an afterthought of a crow…”. Delightful, all around, and your acrostic makes me hungry….


  2. Preening veggies — so cute! I’m in awe of Linda’s gift to you. She really went all out! Pockets do make it easy, don’t they? I look forward to hearing what you come up with after you collect all those ideas!


  3. You lucky, lucky poet….what a treasure collection all neatly delivered with a poem. I’m in awe of the creativity shared in the summer poem swap (and a bit intimidated). Believe me, I’m collecting ideas and will be borrowing some for sure. This is a winner.
    Violet, your acrostic is wonderful. I just threw out the first few words that came to me … and yeah, it’s an acrostic. But, this one makes me want to make a run to the store for some veggies 😉


    1. Thanks, Linda! Don’t be intimidated. The poem swap is fun, whether one goes (and gets) all-out or not. The produce departments in our local shops always make me feel like reaching for my camera. They are so gorgeous and colourful.



    1. Thanks, Buffy! I’m sure mine would hold dog treats too if I had a dog along for company. As a substitute I greet the pooches along my route, if they show an interest (just with a pat, though, not treats—don’t want to start any family feuds ;))



    1. Thanks, Kay. Did you join in the swap this year? I know I haven’t for several years but did once some time ago. You come away feeling rich and filled up both from the giving and the getting. 🙂



  4. Linda’s gift reminds me of a good, old-fashioned “care package”—the kind I remember from college. A little bit of everything, though nothing too extravagant. Just a bunch of tokens from the heart wrapped in a poem. 🙂 Knowing you, Violet, those treasures will go to good use. LOVE the last line of your vegie acrostic!


  5. Haha! Those vain vegies!! Good fun! And a pocketful of potential in that poetry haul. Loving that the black feather has a black quill, too. I don’t know that I’ve seen that before…?


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