Poetry Friday, Tanka


Despite the fact that my Summer Shorts project has come to an end, I’ve kept up with snapping a daily photo, and so far have managed to pair each photo with a bit of writing (“Fall Fragments”). No promises (to myself or anyone else) that this will continue so consistently. But somehow it’s a nice habit not to break.

“Turning” was the photo prompt for October 7th. Somehow all the squirrels dashing about in their hunt for winter stores caught my eye. And so a little tanka about the fall activity of these critters.


Path lined with chestnuts
prickly shells, shiny brown globes.
Squirrels everywhere.

They dash, climb, chase, leap, scurry.
Winter soon, better hurry!


This post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by 13 and the lovely and clever Irene Latham at Live Your Poem.

26 thoughts on “Turning”

    1. Thanks, Irene! As for the interpretation of “turning,” my first thought was trees turning colour. In fact I captured that in a photo early on that morning. But I’m trying to challenge myself to go beyond the obvious (as in not accepting the first word or metaphor that comes to mind in writing as it’s often the worn out or cliché). The agility of those squirrels was the connection with “turning” for me.



  1. Nice photos and tanka, Violet! This post reminds me of all the fearless squirrels in Harvard Square and also the black squirrels I saw in Toronto. There are plenty of squirrels here in Florida, too, but they’re all pretty scrawny and skittish. No fear of winter either!


    1. Thanks so much, Michelle. Our squirrels are black and grey, not scrawny, but skittish for sure. (Someone should write a story about a northern, winter-accustomed squirrel visiting a Florida squirrel—in the spirit of the country and the city mouse.)



  2. Terrific tanka, Violet. Those spunky squirrels catch my eye all the time. I’ve always wanted to hold one. I love that you are keeping the habit…my hero! I’m trying. But, it’s a tough month until January. Then, I can slow a little til the spring run arounds begin. Great visiting with you today.


    1. Thanks so much, Linda! The part of squirrels that I’d love to hold is their tails…they remind me of dandelion fluff.

      As for writing, I’d say go with whatever season you’re in. Life will get more writer-friendly in time, I’m sure, but in the meantime, soak up the experiences so you can write about them later (your aubade is beautiful, though, so you’re doing some excellent writing even though you’re busy.)



  3. I love seeing your black squirrels. Our squirrels are brown, and never seem to stop being busy. Someone has been cutting oranges for them, or they’re very good at stealing from a compost pile. These past days I’ve seen several running off with a rather large piece of orange! I love your turning, that final rhyme. I vaguely remember a childhood rhyme with “hurry, scurry” in it, but the whole text eludes me. I’m glad you’re continuing on with your pic/poetry.


  4. I love it that you are following these prompts. They take me so many different places. 🙂 Ruth, thereisnosuchthingasagodforsakentown.blogspot.com


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