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Dear After-Christmas Leftovers

I love this week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day! After the busy time of shopping and gifting and cooking and hosting, it’s wonderful to sink back into the chair of “it’s all over!”

These days do have their hazards, though. This little breakup note to the Christmas leftovers is a poem I wrote a year ago today.

Where the leftovers live (Photo © 2017 by V. Nesdoly)

Dear After-Christmas Leftovers


Three days ago before the Christmas feast
I eyed you, in your cling-wrap-covered bowls
and labelled cartons, with anticipation.

On that night I gave your contents unrestricted
access, made a holiday food exception
in all its buttery, crispy, tart and tasty,

poultry, stuffing, cabbage-rolly
glory—then savoured
trifles of cake, eggnog, those very

rich chocolates filled with brandy
melted by sips of creamy
fresh-brewed coffee.

But now I view your half-full cartons
with a different eye, though they still
tease and mock: “A spoonful

of cold dressing, dollop of cranberry
doesn’t really count. Surely you wouldn’t
throw out half a dessert!”

I’m sorry, but I would.
We’ve had our little fling
though just three days ago
I said yes to everything.

© 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved)

poetryfridayThis post is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted today by Heidi Mordhorst, who takes us into the wonderful world of trees.


15 thoughts on “Dear After-Christmas Leftovers”

  1. LOL! Such a perfect poem… I wake up knowing that leftover pie is a breakfast waiting for me downstairs in the cold room. Nappy New Year, poet-lady! I love how you capture life with words. You continue to inspire me.


  2. I totally relate to your feelings about left-overs. The only thing remaining is a ham bone in the freezer for New Years soup.


  3. I am giggling saying ME TOO! Nibbling away, knowing it is time to stop. Time to break up. Time for a cup of tea. Thank you for making me not feel alone! Enjoy those last bites and your new relationship with food for next week. Hee hee! Happy 2018! xx


  4. We have sweets in a variety of places, but the leftover “other” is long gone with a teenager visiting! I love this ode, Violet, and the use of “fling”. It is true, isn’t it? We deny little at this time of year! Happy New Year!


  5. I wrote this companion tanka a couple of days ago!

    Holiday fridge:
    two half-filled bottles of wine,
    one leek, heavy cream.

    Let’s finish the leftovers
    and start fresh with simple fare.


  6. We are all facing the same challenge–our fling with excess–
    “all its buttery, crispy, tart and tasty,
    poultry, stuffing, cabbage-rolly
    glory” and the need to rein things in again. I’m happy to keep my tree up through Jan. 6 at least, but Jan 1 is the cutoff for cookies!


  7. Oh, I must admit, I’m guilty of throwing the leftover goodies out before I really need to! I reach the point of no return, I’m afraid! This was a fun poem to share. Happy New Year, Violet!


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