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Some of my favourite art books are written for kids

Art for Kids – Drawing by Kathryn Temple, for example, explains the basics of drawing and shading with pencil really well and has excellent sections on perspective, human body structure, drawing faces, and gestures.

Another favourite I purchased a few months ago is The Drawing Book for Kids—365 Daily Things to Draw by Woo! Junior Kids Activities. This helpful book truly has drawing instructions for 365 everyday and not-so-everyday objects. These instructions are simple drawings with a line or two added to each step. Follow along and before you know it you’ve drawn a salamander, a cupcake, a dinosaur, a hot air balloon, or a turkey.

Instructions for drawing a turkey from The Drawing Book for Kids.

One thing missing in my Kindle edition of the book, though, is a table of contents. There really is no way to know what’s in the book without paging through it. I did that and made my own list of items and the pages on which they’re found so that I can use the book as a reference.

These books would be excellent for kids who love to draw and  also for big kids, who want a little refresher on the basics or could use some help drawing simple objects.

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