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Some of my favourite art books are written for kids

Art for Kids – Drawing by Kathryn Temple, for example, explains the basics of drawing and shading with pencil really well and has excellent sections on perspective, human body structure, drawing faces, and gestures. Another favourite I purchased a few months ago is The Drawing Book for Kids—365 Daily Things to Draw by Woo! Junior… Continue reading Some of my favourite art books are written for kids

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Special Day (Spiritual Journey Thursday)

Welcome to Spiritual Journey (first) Thursday, hosted here today. This month we’re exploring the topic “special days.” Following my thoughts, below, is a widget where you can leave the link to your post. Somebody's turning seven! (Photo © 2018 by V. Nesdoly) The look on the face of my four-year-old granddaughter—of excitement, anticipation, I’m-ready-for-the-spotlight—said it… Continue reading Special Day (Spiritual Journey Thursday)

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A January week

I have returned to an old habit—following the Capture Your 365 daily photo prompt challenge (#CY365), and pairing the photos with a few lines. I'm finding it’s really quite doable if I keep up with it. So, without ado, here are some of this week’s captures: Last Saturday’s prompt was WITH WORDS. Here is the… Continue reading A January week

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Bear Scare

In the vintage Saskatchewan farmhouse where I grew up, a door that looked like every other in the house opened to a stairway to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs was another door to a dark and vacant cell that was once a coal chute. From somewhere I got the idea that that… Continue reading Bear Scare

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Book Lover’s Day

I’m sharing another of my Summer Shorts poems today. August 9th was Book Lover’s Day. As soon as I saw that challenge on my list of Capture Your 365 prompts, I knew what my photograph would be. I pass this whimsical tree whenever I do my creek walk in the morning. He has always caught… Continue reading Book Lover’s Day

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Bridge The dentist has been drilling deep inside my mouth readying the pier holes for a bridge from north to south. My blissful gum’s been sleeping through the whining and the fuss but my thoughts are asking, Will it be a bridge of beam or truss? Maybe it will be a drawbridge with spans that… Continue reading Bridge

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Parade—band, balloons horses, bulls, flags, floats, tractors and candy vultures! © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) *********** It’s parade season! These photos were taken last year when we were visiting the kids/grandkids in Dawson Creek. The Friday noon parade introduced a weekend of rodeo fun! For more poetry fun, visit Poetry Friday, hosted… Continue reading Parade!

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Thirteenth Summer

Thirteenth Summer It wasn’t that I could not get up the nerve to water-ski or that I hated myself in a bathing suit It was bare feet of tanned twins next to mine in that Waskesiu boat smoothly brown as Indian princesses nails polished the pink of shells beside my pasty sandaled peasants that made… Continue reading Thirteenth Summer

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Ink Jet Printer (NPM ’16-Day 17)

Ink Jet Printer Printer fires up, then silence thinks awhile, then putters… pushes out the paper in chugs and grunts and sputters. We would mutter too if we had his hard assignment: Make the picture colorful while staying in alignment. As he complains and stutters charges in his nozzle heads are giving chip instructions to… Continue reading Ink Jet Printer (NPM ’16-Day 17)

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Echoes full of knowing (NPM ’16-Day 14)

  Echoes full of knowing I look a lot like little mouse little mouse with wings. At dark leave attic of your house to hunt for creepy things. I swoop and swirl, dive and glide but hardly use my sight, prefer in dim moon-shade to hide while scrounging food at night. I have the rare… Continue reading Echoes full of knowing (NPM ’16-Day 14)