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“Crossings” An Art Walk for Lent

We are now in the season of Lent, the 40 days that precede the Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. One of the Lenten activities that is available to people in Toronto, Canada from March 2 to April 14, 2022 is a public Stations of the Cross art walk/exhibition titled Crossings.

Art by Canadian artists has been installed at twelve locations within the city. These art pieces take the walker through the last days of Jesus’ life, from His triumphal entry into Jerusalem (celebrated on Palm Sunday) to His resurrection (Easter).  

Walkers can access a site which links the map location of each exhibit, the scripture passage that tells the story of each station, information about the artist, along with a poetic reflection.

I am thrilled to have a very small part in this exhibit. A poem I wrote, “Lily,” accompanies the Resurrection Station (the last one on the route). A short video of me, reading the poem is also linked there.

My big regret—that I’m not in the area to walk this exhibition in person!

“Joy – Easter Lily” – Violet Nesdoly (Watercolor, 7×7 inches)


One must have a mind open to miracle
disregard the parch-fissured
hoary-frozen earth

overlook how lifeless the bulb
freckled with age, pale as a corpse
root hairs sparse and white.

One must nourish seeds of faith
believe the dull
drop-patter of spring

will pass through nether-world walls
summon to green-pierce blackness
reach for light.

So, on the third day
Another burst the bud of grave clothes
to pure and eternal blooming!

© 2022, by Violet Nesdoly

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