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Changing of the Wardrobe

Time is moving along so quickly. In less than two weeks we’ll be at the official beginning of summer…though it still feels like early to mid spring here most days with lots of cool rainy weather. At least there are no fires!

One of my semi-annual tasks is the changing of the wardrobe, when I tuck away all the winter clothes and bring out the summer ones. I did that a few days ago. Because it’s a yearly recurrence, I wrote a poem about it…

“Summer” – Sketch Journal, May 29, 2019 – V.Nesdoly

Changing of the Wardrobe

Goodbye my sturdy jeans that cling
like sweat in summer heat.
Auf Wiedersehen my turtlenecks
snow drifts of fuzzy sweaters.
So long my winding woolly scarves
my uniform of leather gloves
and fleece-lined walking boots.
Farewell my pantyhose
I’m leaving for a tan.
Au revoir you lush buffet
of purple velour and red bouclé
black velvet and wine corduroy.

Time to wear salads
of lettuce green and berry pink
crinkle cloth and gauzy linen
swaying and swishing silky skirts.
Break out the halters and bikinis
bring on those cutoffs and capris
backless sandals and flirty tees!

© 2011 – Violet Nesdoly (All Rights Reserved)

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