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Fall is the season of delicious new-crop apples. We’re working on a bag of this year’s Spartans–crisp, juicy, sweet-and-sour… so good! Today, a couple of apple poems to celebrate this delicious fall fruit.

Apple Collection

Because they come in wood, brass, marble
clocks, tiles and trivets

Because their roundness pleases
their coats of red, yellow, green and mottled appeal

Because of Delicious names like
Jonagold, Granny Smith, Red Rome and Spartan

Because of the sweet-tart of Newtons
and One a day keeps the doctor away

Because they morph into pie, crisp and cobbler
sauce, juice and cider

Because they are stars
under a modest exterior

Because they declare me forever a teacher
and their connection with knowledge is iconic

Because they remind of irresistible fruit
and the fact that knowledge isn’t everything

© 2009 by Violet Nesdoly

Apple Collection sketch from October 2019.

Fall apple

An apple never tasted as good
as that crisp, new-crop MacIntosh
so cold it hurt my teeth
on the first cracking
after-school-hungry bite.
I nibbled on it
as I took the clothes
off the line for Mom.
The fall air added
a whole extra
flavour to its tart sweetness.
They don’t make apples like that
any more.

© 2022 – Violet Nesdoly

2 thoughts on “Apples”

  1. This reminds me of the days long ago when our family went to the orchards around Kelowna and we picked up the windfalls and enjoyed many good apples for lunches and pies.


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