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Blessed by Psalm 84 #BibleJournaling

I love Psalm 84! David Kitz writes three chapters on it in his book Psalms Alive! I did a Bible journal sketch for each of them. The first section (Chapter 12 in his book focusing on Psalm 84:1-4) is about living in God’s house. I love the word pictures of sparrows nesting there—all the more… Continue reading Blessed by Psalm 84 #BibleJournaling

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Warm-up The robins lilt the blackbirds trill from little sparrow’s open bill an aria so sweet and round. (how can that wee bird make such sound?) From somewhere high the flicker drums with rat-tat-tat the forest thrums The ducks afraid of our bold pets alarm their alto clarinets Steller's jays rasp the Kelp Gulls shriek… Continue reading Warm-up