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A Lent Conversation – Week 3

The poem that Laurel sent me as an art prompt for Week 3 made me so happy. I love spring and one of its most compelling signs is the bird symphony and activity we hear and see on our daily walks on Nicomekl Trail, a footpath that follows the Nicomekl River. I love how Laurel… Continue reading A Lent Conversation – Week 3

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A daily practice

Happy New Year - Sketch for January 1, 2020 It seems we were just wishing everyone a happy new year and here we are, already into double digits of January. How does time slip by so quickly? I resolved that this year I’d do a better job of the blog—even posting a little something regularly,… Continue reading A daily practice

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Self-portrait #BibleJournaling

A self-portrait in a Bible? Really!? That was Rebekah R. Jones’ Week 17 Original Bible Art Journaling Challenge. In response to Genesis 1:27 (“So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them”), she created a lovely portrait of herself holding a container… Continue reading Self-portrait #BibleJournaling

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Birders carefully document unusual birders human populations have virtually gone extinct additional searches better document small populations lost race of endangered species— birders are our natural resource © 2017 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved) (Found poem from National Geographic Field Guide to Birds of North America, “How to Be A Better Birder” - p.… Continue reading Birders

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Just an ordinary walk

In the last few weeks my walking partner, dear hubby, has been finding it more and more painful to walk. Then the doctor told him, no more long walks until you’re better. So for now I am walking on my own. When I took solitary walks in the past I experienced a wonderful loosening of… Continue reading Just an ordinary walk

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Carrier Pigeon

Carrier Pigeon Bird Lady has tossed her breads. Clay pigeons, come leave your beds time to stuff stool pigeon heads! Dockyard pigeons, homing too from bridge girders and the zoo Pigeon Forgers, drop by, do! Pigeon-chested, pigeon-toed pigeon-heated by the road… full tums all—that is the goad. © 2016 by Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)… Continue reading Carrier Pigeon

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Warm-up The robins lilt the blackbirds trill from little sparrow’s open bill an aria so sweet and round. (how can that wee bird make such sound?) From somewhere high the flicker drums with rat-tat-tat the forest thrums The ducks afraid of our bold pets alarm their alto clarinets Steller's jays rasp the Kelp Gulls shriek… Continue reading Warm-up

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Poetry Friday – tree branch edition

Welcome to Poetry Friday. I'm delighted to host you today from the branches of the latest avian property. Lark Listing You don’t need a formal foyer mudroom and a laundry too kitchen with a granite counter fireplaces not a few great big master, walk-in closets double basins in the loo when your wallpaper’s spring blossom… Continue reading Poetry Friday – tree branch edition

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The song of birds

HOW BIRDS SING by Kay Ryan One is not taxed; one need not practice; one simply tips the throat back over the spine axis and asserts the chest. (Go HERE to read the rest. Scroll down a bit...) *************** Right around the end of last year, Mary Lee Hahn offered a Kay Ryan book giveaway… Continue reading The song of birds