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Gratitude on Thanksgiving week

Welcome to my updated website and blog. Template changes were long overdue! I hope you like the new look. Last Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving. We, in Canada, certainly have a lot to be thankful for. My personal list includes continuing gratitude for health during this pandemic and the fact that we can again attend church… Continue reading Gratitude on Thanksgiving week


Thanksgiving Lunch at the Mennonite Church

Thanksgiving Lunch at the Mennonite Church We’ve been smelling coffee for a while now as the sermon drones on and on but finally it’s benediction time and “Thanks for the food we are about to partake. Amen.” Old and young crowd down the stairs to the warm, fragrant basement claim chairs at the long table… Continue reading Thanksgiving Lunch at the Mennonite Church

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SJT – Home (Missing Home)

The farmhouse where I grew up - Photo © 2009 by V. Nesdoly Missing Home I remember squeaks and slants in the floor of our last home can picture the gouge in paneling beside my desk the crumbing rubber on the patio-door seal. In the shed I see rust-freckled freezer top shelf of garden powders… Continue reading SJT – Home (Missing Home)

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October prompt: thanksgiving

It's October and in Canada the month in which we celebrate Thanksgiving (second Monday), that "annual national holiday marked by religious observances and a traditional meal" - Oxford Dictionary.  (I'm already making a menu in my head!) Thanksgiving seems like an obvious thing to write about in October because of the holiday and other reasons.… Continue reading October prompt: thanksgiving