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Duty revisited

Duty revisited Forget what I said earlier about Duty being a stern mother and a tiny house where I kept stubbing my toe on “You shoulds.” Lately Duty has become a pool noodle that keeps me happy playing in the safe shallows instead of risking the big surf of the deep, a tether that won’t… Continue reading Duty revisited

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A little screed against progress

A little screed against progress New car plays no CDs camera has no download cord it’s all Bluetooth and Wi-fi and I’m feeling pushed toward a world controlled by passwords where music’s streamed, not owned photos float on virtual clouds and my attention’s honed: delete the fake-bill email ignore the mystery link report the phishing… Continue reading A little screed against progress

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SJT – Home (Missing Home)

The farmhouse where I grew up - Photo © 2009 by V. Nesdoly Missing Home I remember squeaks and slants in the floor of our last home can picture the gouge in paneling beside my desk the crumbing rubber on the patio-door seal. In the shed I see rust-freckled freezer top shelf of garden powders… Continue reading SJT – Home (Missing Home)