Mourning Music (a Wordle poem)

Wordles of inspiration

Mourning Music

Strings flow trembling morning music
red, blue, purple drumbeats

Taste cold thought, wild enthusiasm
rich pomegranate love poems.

Remember golden cherry summer
know love’s austere winter

lovely eyes always longing, reaching, leaving…
Enough pain. Spoon candy consolation

massage wisdom thoughts
behind holy Christmas find children.

Sustaining heart whispers, Still know, yet hear
wipe mourning Jerusalem’s crying tear.

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly

This is a type of found poem – inspiration from the Writing From Words prompt. There, along with the challenge were links to “Wordles” – word clouds, computer-generated from a variety of texts (from blogs to books to Bible verses).

When I first saw all these colourful and slightly confusing graphics, I felt overwhelmed. How could I make a poem out of this! After some thought, I came up with a method that worked for me. I took screen shots of each one, named them W1-12,  made myself a grid and collected from each words that interested me — nouns, adverbs/adjectives, verbs and miscellaneous words. With those words I composed one line from each wordle and then played with line placement to come up with “Mourning Music.”

I’m curious about how others wrote their Wordle poems.

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