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Changing of the wardrobe

Changing of the Wardrobe

Goodbye my sturdy jeans that cling
like sweat in summer heat.
Auf Wiedersehen my turtlenecks
snow drifts of fuzzy sweaters
So long my wooly winding scarves
uniform of leather gloves
and fleece-lined walking boots
Farewell my pantyhose
I’m leaving for a tan
Au revoir you lush buffet
of purple velour and red boucle
black velvet and wine corduroy

Time to wear salads
of lettuce green and berry pink
crinkle cloth and gauzy linen
swaying and swishing silky skirts
break out the halters and bikinis
bring on those cutoffs and capris
backless sandals and flirty tees!

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly


Where I live it’s finally the time of year to mothball the sweaters and haul out the fun clothes. (But I won’t be hiding the cozy stuff too well, because chances are I’ll still need it more often than I’d like in the weeks ahead.)

The kelp-dressed mermaid was a stranger I sighted on the White Rock (B.C.) pier. Isn’t she cute! Now there’s one way to wear salad.

This poem is linked at One Shot Wednesday Week 47.

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