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Siren Mall

Siren Mall

Come on down
have a good time here
come, love the store
Shop with confidence
buy more, save more
Buy two or more
save the tax
Get exactly what they need
(first 5000 get a free poster)
Listen online
Leave us a message
be smart with it
bring it on
call today
I insist
Your future’s looking bright
Take the test
see store for details
Learn how
Get rid of your cash

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly


This is today’s poem for my November Poem-A-Day challenge.

Prompt – from “The Time Is Now” Poets and Writers email for November 10:
“Record the text from as many advertisements as you see or hear throughout the day–on your way to work, while listening to the radio, grocery shopping, or doing anything else during your daily routine. Use one of these ads or parts of several of them as an entry point to a poem.”  

To get raw material for this poem I scribbled lines on a scrap of paper as I listened to our local morning talk show while doing my housework. I also hauled out my little transcription recorder and recorded a few ad segments. I later transcribed them (partially) then pieced together “Siren Mall.”

3 thoughts on “Siren Mall”

  1. You’ve reminded me why I hate shopping:) and I hate it that the simplicity of Christmas is drowned by this’ siren’ unless we purpose to rise above it with a deeper vision. nicely written!


  2. Thanks, Janet. …and it only gets worse from now till Christmas. Actually, paying attention to the ads that bombarded just listening to the radio was an eye-opener. It was rapid-fire! I think I’ve learned to tune a lot of it out. It makes me wonder what life would be like without such merchant-driven noise.


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