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A pop-up toaster was the thing
you put the slice into the slot
depressed the little knobby thing
and out popped toast, so nice and hot.

But word of toasters got around
in homes and shops a bread revolt
in bakeries throughout the town
loaves named it torture with a jolt.

“We will not take it any more.
We’ll blacken, catch and when you poke
to get us out the bottom door
we’ll burn your hands and bellow smoke!”

Till all the world became intent
on crispy toast that would not shred
and loved the man who did invent
(to pacify both man and bread)
the toaster oven tanning bed.

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly

Pure silliness, I know. I wrote this poem in 2009, when I was challenging myself to write poems about various objects.

This poem is linked to Poetry Friday, hosted this week by Carol at Carol’s Corner.

11 thoughts on “Toast”

  1. This is silly, but fun! Love the picture of a toaster oven tanning bed! Although if the truth be told I think it’s a whole lot easier to make toast in a regular pop up toaster than one of those fancy tanning bed kinds!


    1. Thanks so much, Robyn Hood Black and Mary Lee.

      Carol, I hear you. my main complaint with the tanning bed toasters is that they take a lot of time! Our current model also toasts the top faster than the bottom. But I do eventually get my toast, and without a fight. 🙂


  2. I mostly think my toaster goes slower when I’m in a hurry, but never thought of writing a poem about its revolt, although I really think it does. It might be silly, but you’ve told the story very well.


    1. Thank you Linda! As for writing about toast and toasters, I guess that’s why I like using poetry writing prompts. They challenge me to write about things I’d never write about, left to my own devices.


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