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Spring project

A few weeks ago on my walk past Logan Creek, where I walk almost every day, I caught sight of this bird.  I’m not sure what kind of bird it is, but I’m quite sure I know what it was up to. (The photo turned out to be the perfect prompt for April 12 of my spring project.)

Bird with feather in beak

Spring project

It’s building day
beautiful weather
we’ll gather beakfulls
of twig and feather

I’ve found a sweet spot
in a crook of this tree
to nest brown-flecked eggs
of our family

© 2014 – Violet Nesdoly (All rights reserved)

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12 thoughts on “Spring project”

  1. I especially love that second stanza, Violet, the rhyming end with “family”. I’ve been watching a robin, but cannot figure out where her nest is-has to be close by.


    1. Nesting birds are intriguing. A couple of weeks ago hubby found a bunch of largish twigs on the front deck. He thought it was the work of the wind. But the neighbours said they’d seen a couple of crows, trying to build a nest in that rather open, public place. They obviously gave up. I wish I’d seen them at work!


  2. Spring is such a BUSY time in nature. Thank you for pausing the action with your beautiful photo and songbird of a poem.


  3. I enjoyed the way your poem spoke from the point of view of the bird so busy building. These words seemed the perfect choice: beakfulls, crook, brown flecked. After a long winter, it is wonderful to hear the birds singing and see them hurrying about the yard once again.



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