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Ocean Neighbourhood

Ocean Neighbourhood Cuttlefish, Brittle Star, Bull Shark and Conch Blowfish and Electric Eels Grey Whales and Dogfish Sharks, Gastropods, Clams Jellyfish, Orcas and Seals Purple Sea Urchins, Sand Dollars and Squid Octopus, Tuna and Sponge Walrus and Angelfish, Right Whales and Blue Nurse Sharks and Makos that lunge Sea horses, Corals, Crustaceans and Krill Man-of-War,… Continue reading Ocean Neighbourhood

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Summer Plans

Summer Plans My mom has signed me up for summer camp. That’s twenty-one meals in the dining hall. It’s shivering in a towel that’s always damp and taking dares to scale the climbing wall. It’s harnessing to be the zip line champ contests of shooting with the basketball. Can’t wait for campfire and those yummy… Continue reading Summer Plans

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Perfect poetry for little people

Special little people need special gifts. I picked three lovely books of verse as gifts for the little people in my life—my grands—this year. Littlest one is getting The Moon Shines Down by Margaret Wise Brown. I found it at my local Chapters in a sturdy but affordable board book format. This lovely volume has… Continue reading Perfect poetry for little people

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Ben’s quilt

Ben’s Quilt I got this quilt from Grandma Put it on the floor Ran my cars along the roads And made the engines roar, Raced my speedboat in the lake Drove the kids to school, Picked up groceries at the store And hauled wheat to the Pool.* Other blankets are for sleep But this one… Continue reading Ben’s quilt