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Two weeks after surgery (Limp – 3)

Introducing my best friends during rehabilitation: cane, picker, long-handled sponge, shoehorn, sock dresser, and two-wheeled walker (and I thought only little old ladies used these–oh wait…)

Two weeks after surgery

(March 17, 2014)

Why does it hurt so far from the incision?
My muscles are a straitjacket of pain
to natural walking unseen, inner prison.
Will I ever walk easily again?

Deep in my hip a tremolo of weakness
that frightens me when stepping with a cane.
At physio a modicum of redress.
Back walker-creeping I feel old and lame.

Violet Nesdoly © 2014 (All rights reserved)

This poem is the third in the series of poems I wrote about a mishap I had this spring. Click on the “LIMP sequence” category below to view all.

8 thoughts on “Two weeks after surgery (Limp – 3)”

    1. Thanks Matt, You realize, of course, that this was written many months ago. I am much, much better now and walking quite merrily an hour a day. But those first weeks after the injury were a different story!


  1. Violet, I am glad you’re better, & even able to craft a poem about it. I didn’t know you were writing poems about your accident. It’s the questions, always the questions, isn’t it? We are impatient. Love the tongue-in-cheek opener-“Oh wait.”


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