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Physiotherapy appointment

Physiotherapy appointment For one hour a week us hip surgery survivors meet on the fantasy island of the physiotherapy gym. A technician in orange T-shirt butterflies from one cot to the next sets a wedge under knees straps a weight to an ankle harnesses a foot in a stirrup links the stirrup to a spring… Continue reading Physiotherapy appointment

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Life between the rows

Life between the rows I look down at my garden at tight pink hyacinths ready to pop green spears of tulip clumped in the randomness of fall planting but nothing stirs in me except guilt. I should be out there softening the soil letting in the air, stirring it to a rich black backdrop that… Continue reading Life between the rows

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Still mothering me

Still mothering me Five days ago would have been your birthday. It’s been eight years … But you still visit me often keep me cool every summer when I slip on the brown sundress rescued from your closet wrap your arms around me every winter week it’s the old magenta sweater’s turn. Sometimes I catch… Continue reading Still mothering me

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ADMIRE (Out of Sight)

On March 2, 2014, two years ago yesterday, I broke my hip. I was away from home helping my daughter with her new baby at the time. I took a careless step on the stair, tripped, fell, and landed full force on the cement floor at just the right angle to do the damage. Two… Continue reading ADMIRE (Out of Sight)

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Domino train (Limp – 4)

Posting my Limp sequence has been interrupted by a project that is now all but done. So it's back to these poems about the mishap I had this spring. If you've ever experienced one event, followed by another, and another, you'll recognize the feeling of a domino train. This was my experience way back in… Continue reading Domino train (Limp – 4)

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Two weeks after surgery (Limp – 3)

Two weeks after surgery (March 17, 2014) Why does it hurt so far from the incision? My muscles are a straitjacket of pain to natural walking unseen, inner prison. Will I ever walk easily again? Deep in my hip a tremolo of weakness that frightens me when stepping with a cane. At physio a modicum… Continue reading Two weeks after surgery (Limp – 3)

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Membrane (Limp – 2)

Membrane "The membrane between the normal and unthinkable is exceedingly thin" - mother of an autistic child fall, fracture pops rainbow bubble thin unseen fragile skin between normal everyday and life ever changed disappeared flight 370 Oso Slide membrane slashed now mud, rubble, tears, searching no going back © 2014 by Violet Nesdoly (all rights… Continue reading Membrane (Limp – 2)

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Poem sequences (introducing LIMP)

In Diane Lockward's June newsletter,* the Craft Tip article "Poetic Sequences: Practice Makes Potential"  by Oliver de la Paz tells of his visit to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, Spain. On that visit he came across one room where the paintings, drawings, and studies  on the walls, as well as the  sketchbooks filling a table… Continue reading Poem sequences (introducing LIMP)